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 Sectors of Religious Naturalism

  The Big Tent of Religious Naturalists has sectors or sub-paradigms. People may set up their own booths in it and present their viewpoints. These offer a richness of positions on the interaction of science and religion. This pluralism necessitates tolerance within the belief. This allows cohesive perspectives to develop. Dogmatism is consequently discouraged. Frank, polite debate is encouraged.

  There are many kinds of naturalists. The majority of them do not use the adjective religious. They, however, do admit to many of the same emotional responses to nature as do Religious Naturalists. Some are theistic, some are not. Some are more traditional in their religious practice than others. A few minimize the details of their beliefs. Many humanists are expanding their outlook by embracing Religious Naturalism. Environmentalists may not use or even be unaware of the title Religious Naturalist.  Most of the above naturalists use designations that describe their positions specifically. They wish to maintain their uniqueness.  Regardless of these various titles, there is adhesive commonality within this broad spectrum of viewpoints.

Details on Sectors