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Ancillary Strategies of Religious Naturalism

These subsidiary activities contribute to the advancement of this paradigm. They are in various stages of development.

core narrative - Epic of Evolution - the 13.7 billion year story of cosmic, planetary, life, and cultural evolution. It bridges mainstream science and a diversity of religious traditions. This story, supported by evidence, is historical, memorable and deeply meaningful. It is not only a rich basis for secular viewpoints but can, it accepted, provide scientific wisdom to traditional beliefs.*

participants - advocates, ministry (none 'ordained' as such as yet), congregations practicing the belief, email groups*

literature - numerous new texts and several websites* 

behavior - living the belief in actions as determined by one's directionality, tolerance and rightfulness 

intellectual - concepts that help formalize the belief - see Concepts

institutions - groups, churches, organizations promoting the belief *

aesthetics - art, music, poetry that help identify the essential qualities of the belief* In the case of Religious Naturalism, quarks, galaxies, DNA, laws of nature as well as snow-capped mountains, ocean waves and beautiful sunsets are part of it nature provide aesthetics.

practices - rituals such as meditation, prayer, baptisms that enact and complement the belief. No prescribed ones for Religious Naturalists but many have their own individual ones. Habitual nature walks may be considered as such along with mindful meditation. A talking circle can be one.

experiential - extraordinary experiences that help to validate the core narrative and belief. Many people have ones conducive to Religious Naturalism spirituality such as being deeply engrossed in and affected by natural scenes or the wonder found in existence. A so-called 'naturalist’s trance' may qualify as one along with mindful mediation.

Note: The structure, functions, and origins of Religious Naturalism and its basic narrative have only been touched on here briefly. Others websites go into these in more detail.*

* See References for links

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