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  The spirituality of Religious Naturalists is based on real stuff. It results from their awareness and appreciation of the real world. Nature is sacred because it is of great value.  It has real value because it is about realness. It is reverence with an objective foundation. What is called God, creative, emergent or moral is also part of nature. This spirituality is not based on non-natural stuff.

  The oneness of the natural world is a spiritual realization.  Feeling nature, being in it, being of it is too. It is an insight, a clarity, beimmanence, an acceptance of what is. It is a form of transcendence. You are hearing the music, seeing the picture and absorbing the poetry that is there. It is liberation with enlightenment and mindfulness. It offers a promise of a destiny. It is a rightfulness based on what is. It brings forth a global perspective. It is a spirituality that causes one to tingle in simply being.

  This spirituality is amplified by science. It proves that what is felt is there and explains it. Although the mind envisions nature, science substantiates it. The vastness of the universe induces reverence and exuberance.  It humbles us. The sub-atomic exposes the spirit to the harmony and mystery of the minute. Strings and quarks bewilder and tantalize us. Our spirit can range from the infinitesimal to galaxies and back again to the Self. We are of these things.

  A natural spirituality is a reverence for the real world. It does not rely on non-natural entities. This approach to reality is in tune with reason, science, and human needs. This results in a harmonious emotional relationship with objectivity, a satisfying one for many people. By making sacred the natural, god can be made real. Nature becomes the highest spiritual value. Science can validate both.

  Here are some of the sense perceptions a Religious Naturalist may associate with h/his spirituality: awe; wonder; gratitude; serenity; humbleness; being star dust; a sense of interconnectivity, belonging, joyful acceptance of what is; sensing eternity and infinity due to the magnitude of the universe; the beauty in nature; immersion in reality rather than introverted into one’s self, of freedom rather than servitude to some omnipotent mind; kinship with all living creatures; delight in mystery; a sense of continuance, destiny; the feeling that reality suffices; an epiphany.

Naturalistic Spirituality

God is not required for naturalistic spirituality

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