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  Cornerstones are metaphors for the beginning key elements of the foundation of a structure or paradigm. Those shown in the graphic above are the ones most often used for Religious Naturalism. They are not the only ones. Individual Religious Naturalists may construct their versions on only a couple of these or merely one. For instance an environmentalist on stewardship, a biologist on the narrative of evolution, a social worker on tolerance or an atheist on reason.

Proposed Religious Naturalist Creed (a minimal declaration) 

  I endorse reality. It is the measurable substance of all being. There are no non-natural entities, realms or absolute truths. I think Reality is sacred. This is a realization of its value to me. The evolutionary process made me. It is my core validating narrative. I affirm a critical need that this process continues to flourish. Observable laws of nature describe and govern reality. I accept these and live by the idea of rightfulness.

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